Saturday, March 7, 2015

Association of Auxiliaries, Annual Luncheon Meeting, March 2, 2015

Program for the March 2, 2015 meeting
(remember to click on photo to enlarge)
When program opened it reads from left to right......

..... from left to right.
 David Alexander, MD, President & CEO LPF for Children's Health

Robin Guenther, FAIA, Lead Architect, LPCH, giving a status report

Ellen S., Carolyn K.,  BJ S., Karen S.

Cheryl S-K., Pat D., Carolee P., Barbara S.,

Nancy Larsson, President PAA, MaryAnne Y., Stephanie B., Barbara McC.

Ginny P., Marilyn E., Beverly B., Pat O'K., Nancy S.,

Sarah B., Catherine McG., Marlene B., June S.

Luisa P., Nancy B., Marty J., Susan K.

Susan K., Ginny W., Erika C., Norma C., Deborah P., Karen S.

A very delicious Luncheon Plate

Louise Scott, Dr. Ackermann (Teen Van), Dr. Cohen

Yummie......what tasty dessert items!!

Harvey Cohen, MD, PhD, Family Professor in Pediatrics LPCH

Marlene Rabinovitch, MD, Professor in Pediatric Cardiology SUSM..

..talking about her interest and work.... PULMONARY HYPERTENSION

...and where the hard work has lead to.

 A 'Thank You' to Toni Patterson's 3+ years of service by Anna Henderson

And now a tribute to Victoria Applegate's many years of service:

....seen here with Luisa Pliska, when PAA President one of PAA's October Teas

Vicky's speech after the tribute and before:

                            the "going into retirement present" from the Auxiliaries!

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