Thursday, October 17, 2019

2019 October Membership Meeting and Tea

An Invitation had arrived to attend the 2019 Membership Meeting and Tea to be held at AAG

A cheerful new banner featuring Miranda greeted us,
she received a transplant at LPCH many years ago.....
"Our Tea Room/Restaurant" is now called Cafe Wisteria
Checking in with Dallas...

Again, problems with the sound system.....
Jeanne and Malissa helping Nancy and Marilyn

PAA President Marilyn, welcoming members (without a mike)

Sarah reporting on successful Garden Party

 President congratulating Betty for 65 yrs of service

Marilyn, 60 years
Barbara, 30 years

Barbara, 50 years

Joanne, 45 years

Pat, 45 years

Norma, 40 years

Carolee, 40 years

Ellen, 35 years

Mary, 25 years

Nancy, 20 years, PAA President 2014-16
and President of Asso of Auxiliaries for 2019


longtime members...

...enjoying tea and goodies... comfortable.....

...and familiar...... 

...surroundings...... in "old times!"

Nancy, Mary, Barbara, Ellen, Norma, Carolee, Joanne, Pat, Barbara, Marilyn, and Betty = 455 years of service!
Miranda talking about her transplant at LPCH.....

....and life since that event...leading.... to being on a banner!
AAG grounds....
....all familiar sights....

...for some who volunteered here for many years.

It was a wonderful afternoon, with typical California weather, cool morning, sunny afternoon.
See you all at
CreoLa for RwH dinner, Oct 22 or 23.
Next meeting is Nov 14, 11:30am, at Chef Chu's
send check for $30 to Karen Stevens.
Next fundraiser is Nov 24, 11 am, or 2pm, "NUTCRACKER" at AAG