Monday, September 10, 2018

Third Annual Garden Party & Fundraiser

Welcoming check-in by PAA members, Ellen and Dallas 

What would PAA do without the help of loyal family members....?

Bartenders were kept busy 

Yes, sign often......

...for a wonderful selection....

...of Silent Auction Items....

One of these may be yours at the end of the afternoon....

Everyone had a good time in this glorious garden
Carolee and husband

Carolyn; hostess: Nancy; Joan

Talking, drinking, signing your name....all good for PAA

And - the food was DELICIOUS!!

Visiting with friends...

Marilyn Anderson, the CHEF, checking on details...

The "Jewelry" table

Well, ready for golf?

The "Events" table with a terrific selection

Checking if someone has overbid......

The putting green

Dr Rohit K Khosla, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery &
Reconstructive Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine,
awaiting his turn to speak

Attentive audience

Dr Khosla speaking.....
Norma; Joan; Carolyn; Angie; Sue; Nancy 

Some wonderful Auction Items were on this list!
May this 3rd event be one of many more.