Friday, November 18, 2016

American Girl Doll Tea and Fashion Show, November 2016

Another year, another big event to raise funds for LPCH - probably the last one of this kind by PAA. 
American Girl Doll store at Stanford Shopping Center will be in charge of events in the future.
Enjoy these photos, click to enlarge. If you like more of them, email me, and I'll send all via the cloud.

Almost ready...starting to look festive...

Check out these goodies...all donated...see below...

Getting ready to sell cook books, raffle tickets, AMG items.....

Sarah and Cathy are ready for customers

NCL (moms and) daughters once again helped out! Thank you so much for being there.

A gift for every girl

There were several kitchen shifts:
Mae, Mary, Luisa, Inge and Audrey worked this one
One fashion show is over

Evelyn and Susan

During the show Ellen, Catherine and Mary can catch their breath

Sneaking a peek at another show

Cleaning up.....Setting up....Again....Between shows:
2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday

A NCL member; Jane, Marlene, BJ, and Dallas
The Paul Mitchell Beauty School hairdressing crew....
A colorful plate!
Let's support our supporters!
Norma, Mary, Evelyn, and Luisa

Good Bye, probably for the last time for this venue, this event.

Mary Ann and Ellen are on the clean-up crew...

And again, husbands and partners are our steadfast helpers,
setting up and taking down when muscle power is needed!

Many thanks for the many hands which made these events another success. 
We'll hear the totals at the January 18, 2017, General Meeting and Lunch at the University Club in Palo Alto.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hard Hat Tour of the new Children's Hospital at Stanford, October 24, 2016

Join us for a Hard Hat Tour of the hospital
slated to open in September 2017 
To be safe on the construction site we had to wear sturdy boots and reflective vests 
Michelle Compton, Senior Associate Director, Children's Fund
giving instructions to two of the guests

PAA's Maureen R. with husband

Inner Court Yard - enclosed garden

Close-up of Wolf

View from a open sitting area towards The Barn

Inside one of the patients' room

Room door panel

Patient bathroom

View from upper floor of protected garden



Lobby floor being laid




Entry with lobby on right

Entry drive

An air ambulance arriving

Not long now.......and it will be open!