Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 2014 Membership Meeting

A very interesting and informative talk was given by Grace Gengoux, PhD, BCBA, Assistant Professor with the Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinic at LPCH.

We hope that all of you who missed this meeting can get some idea from these slides with information and telephone numbers for your family and/or friends. Grace stressed not to hesitate to use those, or even call her.

There was just too much information given to put into this social communication, so please,
use numbers, websites, and check out the highly praised books shown below.

Above: Co-President Sarah Beetem is thanking her niece, Grace Gengoux, for her inspiring talk followed by a busy question/answering time.

Treasurer June Schiller is pointing out figures which for only four completed months look promising.

One of the major fundraisers is headed by Marlene Bollhoffer who is telling us that "Iron Gate" in Belmont is the May "Restaurant with Heart" venue - while "Sultana" in Menlo Park is
replacing a restaurant in June which closed.

PAA Members on their way home.....
  Karen Sutherland, President 1995/96; Nancy Larsson, Co-President 2014; Mary Koeppen, Dues    Chair, holding her raffle price; and Luisa Pliska, President 2011-13
       Along with Karen S. are Erika Crowley, new & former member Carol Roland, and Sue Pettegrew

Monday, May 19, 2014

March 2014 Membership Meeting

     On display at the March meeting are the newest decorating samples     for the "American Girl" show              
Nancy Bronstein always has the most wonderful ideas for ANY project!!
Here she and Susan Kirtley, chair of the decoration committee for the November show, are showing these adorable ballarinas to our members.

Association of Auxiliaries Annual Luncheon, March 3, 2014

Ginny Wilson, Audrey Polster, and
Carol Roland at the well-attended "big luncheon" to meet and greet so many members of the other seven

Not realizing that these photos will appear on the website, I did not stop anyone enjoying their delicious meal and just photographed walking by the tables. Shall be more careful in the future.

Parliamentarian Luisa Pliska and Karen Stevens at one of many tables

Deborah Potash and Marlene Bollhoffer, co-chairs of our tasty project "Restaurants with Heart"

Ellen Smith, Recording Secretary (from left) Nancy Larsson, co-President, and Susan Kirtley, Corresponding Secretary
June Schiller, Treasurer, Sarah Beetem co-President, and Kathy Squellati

Nancy Scarff, Jane Andrews, and Catharine McMahon
Malkah Carothers and Norma Cance (below)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

February 214 Membership Meeting

 PAA's new Co-President Nancy Larsson is thanking Kristen Beckler, Child Life Specialist @LPCH
            for taking time out of her busy schedule to inform us about her duties at the hospital.

Attentive members include:
Gerry Nelson, Kathy Squellati,
Luisa Pliska,  and also Tara Quinn,
Assistant Director, Auxiliaries

Kristen is holding one of our "owls"
which are given to children facing trips into the ER..
while the small doll she is cradling in her arm is used to explain medical procedures and shots.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

January 2014 Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon

This yearly event happened on January 21, 2014,
at the University Club in Palo Alto, thanks to the sponsorship of one of our members.
We are so grateful for that thoughtful gesture as we love the venue.
Greeting member Marty Johnson at the Annual Meeting are Marzette Woods, Stephanie Beach and B.J. Sorensen
Marilyn Ellis, Nancy Larsson, Kathy Squellati,
Cathy Murphy, and Sarah Beetem

Also attending are: Shirlee Stites, Betty Plemons, Jo Ann Pfost, and June Schiller, Treasurer

The 2014 Board:on right are
Ellen Smith, Recording Secretary,
Sarah Beetem, co-President,

Stephanie Beach, Vice President,
Nancy Larsson, co-President,
Susan Kirtley, Corresponding Secretary, and Luisa Pliska, Parliamentarian

Former Presidents: Carolyn Keeley, Sue Pettegrew,
 Ruth Wood, and Norene Scholz

                                                                Also enjoying this
                   yearly event are Carolyn Love and Pam Castle

Don't you just love the bear with his/her little
friends, our newest project: small owls for
small patients in LPCH@Stanford.

Voting Director/Parliamentarian 2013 and
Ex-President 2009/10 Deborah Potash,
retiring from official duties due to major
health problems

Luisa Pliska making the rounds to say 'Hallo' to
Jane Bradley, Marty Johnson, Cathy Murphy, and new member Haydee Navarro-Marshall

Former Presidents: Catherine McGilvray 1994;
Rosamond Martin 1990; Marzette Woods 1974;
B.J. Sorensen 1971; Deborah Potash 2009/10;
Luisa Pliska 2011/12/13; Ruth Wood 1992;
Norene Scholz 1978; Carolyn Keeley 2001.
Getting ready for a delightful luncheon are
Mary Hicks, Barbara Sheldon, Adrienne Bennett, and Marilyn Ellis
Passing the gavel to Co-Presidents Sarah Beetem and Nancy Larsson is Luisa Pliska

Audrey Polster, from left, former-now-new member Ginny Wilson, Erika Crowley, and Shirlee Stites

PAA's gift to LCPH for 2013, $75,000.! The check is handed to Dr. Alexander MD, Pediatrician, President and CEO of LP Foundation for Children's Health by Luisa Pliska, the outgoing President.

Checking the hand-made item table are: Karen Stevens, Samira Bahous, Catherine McGilvray, B. J. Sorensen, and Liz Bowman. Mary Koeppen, Marzette Woods, Samira B., and Mary Ann York

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Holiday Boutique December 2013

American Girl Doll Tea and Fashion Show, October 2013

A Big Event, our yearly AMERICAN GIRL Tea and Fashion Show, another success!

Finance Chairman, June Schiller and
Nancy Larsson planning this or that..?
                  Susan Kirtley, Decorations Chair, is setting up the
                    "example table" and also making sure that the
                        stage decorations are ready for display.

Above: Nancy Bronstein, decoration,
Mary Anne York, set-up, and
Mary Hicks, food/catering,
sharing a quick laugh.

As always we appreciate the help of willing hands....
Here we have 1rst VP Kathy Squellati and David, her husband,
taking care of reservations and tickets.

Almost ready....

Doors have opened for the sale of books
and raffle tickets.

Without our members' hard work in the kitchen - there would be no show!

The crew for this shift: Marty Johnson,
Adrienne Bennett, Ginny Wilson, Mae Skaff, Mary Hicks, and Audrey Polster.


     Marilyn Rogers, Chairman for the AMERICAN GIRL event
     greeting attendees, above,
     and checking with her crew to see if the models are ready.

A plate of goodies to be served.

Another show is ready to start, usually
there are five: 3 on one, 2 on another day.

Waiting to go and show off the outfits that match the clothes of that very popular doll.