Wednesday, January 22, 2020

January 15, 2020, Membership Meeting and Lunch

The meeting followed by lunch was hosted by the McGilvray family,
in memory of Catherine, 1975-2018, PAA president in 1994

checking in with Dallas are: BJ; Norma; June;
June; Karen; Gerry; Nancy; Kathy

Guest Speaker: Florette K Hazard, MD

Florette K Hazard, MD; Jeanne Berube, Director Aux Relations

Sarah, PAA Special Projects 2020

Former, and present, PAA Presidents:
Luisa 2011-13; Karen 1995-96; BJ 1971; Ellen 1993; Carolyn 2001; Sarah 2014,'17; Marah 1975; Marilyn 2018, '19+

a new event: a poker tournament

Jeanne Berube with news for all auxiliaries

Marlene, who started PAA's
Restaurant with Heart

Gerry with news about Books and Bears

Board Members for 2020:
Susan K; June S; Sarah B; Marilyn A
 If you attended, I hope we caught you in one of the photos; if you did not attend, it'll give you a taste  of what you have missed.
Please, come to the next meeting, in April, which Marilyn will announce in her next blog.