Saturday, June 7, 2014

Looking back: Membership Tea 2012

You couldn't miss the sign leading to the wonderful Patio at the Burgess Recreation Center in Menlo Park on this glorious October 2012, afternoon.

As always the food was prepared by PAA members with the experienced Mary Hicks heading the group of able cooks

Dr. David Alexander, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of LPCH addressing the meeting
Luisa Pliska, PAA President

   Marilyn Ellis, Mary Koeppen, Nancy Larsson
Food, glorious food!!!

B.J. Sorenson

Gerry Nelson

Sara Beetem and Stephanie Beach

              Victoria Applegate, VP & Director & Tara Quinn,     Associate Director, Auxiliaries Relations

Dallas Manning, Social Chair

PAA President, Luisa Pliska, is honoring members for their years of service:

Mae Skaff, 15 years

Inge Crozier, 25 years
Susan Hull, 40 years

                         Carolyn Love, 40 years

June Schiller, 40 years
                   Marah Brehaut, Sally Bush,

                                                                      and Marzette Woods, 45 years


Marilyn Ellis and Louise Thursby, members since 1959........53 years
Rita Benedict, member since 1958.......54 years
...and Margaret Robinson, a dedicated "active" member, for 58 years!!!

Sarah Beetem giving an update on our next big event:
the "American Girl" Fashion Show and Tea to be held in November.