Monday, November 19, 2018

November 2018 Membership Meeting

On Thursday, November 15, we met at CHEF CHU'S 
for a delicious lunch, followed by the meeting

 We occupied the banquet room on the main floor to avoid having to climb stairs; but to be comfortable during the meal in that rather small location, some of us sat at table in the restaurant's main dining room.
After lunch we heard about our new venue,
the NUTCRACKER TEA, on December 2,
@ AAG, and a few words from Jeanne Berube who has taken over from Debbie Burkholder at the Foundation.

Jeanne Berube (standing) Director of Auxiliary Relations spoke
for a few minutes; she already had introduced herself to PAA at the Oct Tea

On Friday, Nov 16, PAA joined AAGA (formerly Woodside Atherton Auxiliary) to hear
Dr. Ammermann speak about the TEEN VAN's 23 year history.
He'll be retiring from Stanford in the Spring of 2019.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Membership Meeting and Tea, October 2018

Once again the Membership met for the October Meeting and Tea to honor years of service to PAA/LPCH
from left: Sarah; Ellen, hostess; Ginny; Gerry; Susan; Karen.

What a lovely setting for an early afternoon meeting

Sun or shade you have a choice......

Again husbands came to help! Many Thanks!

Signing in....

Nancy; MaryAnne; June; Joanne; Susan; Dallas

Flyers for the November meeting

A great turnout.....

Checking facts about last month's event at Restaurants with Heart;
Discussing new goals like the December event, 'Nutcracker Tea' to be held at AAG