Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Cocktails in the Garden Fundraiser, August 14, 2021

Welcome to.......

.....the 5th Annual Fundraiser by PAA

June S perusing the gift baskets....

Don & Gerry N; Marilyn E; Pat D

Carolyn K watching the action....

Great and delicious food, again catered by Marilyn A, along with daughters & granddaughters!

A "Wishing Tree" for easy donating!
Once you are done bidding, Melanie A & Sarah B are ready for your money.....

Ballgame and theatre tickets; Restaurants; lots of variety ...

Crystal flutes & bubbly...yumm..

Resting their feet: Becky R & Sandie P

                                Hosts Peter and Nancy L greeting speaker Elisabeth Martin, MD, 
                                         Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatric Cardiology, LPCH

Two of the CREW: Sarah B and Ellen S

Chatting with friends: Joanne R and Marilyn A

Jeanne Berube, Director, Auxiliaries Relations,
Nancy L and Dr. Elisabeth Martin

 "Pay to Play"...

Guests from sister auxiliaries;
JoAnne O and Donna H

2 sons helping out:
Chip A and Brett S

Dr. Martin talking about 
artery reconstruction in babies

Happy .. th Anniversary! 
Marilyn and Arden A

Last call to bid!!....

...as it is getting dark!

Let's ALL thank the DONORS for their donations,
and support their stores and services in return!


Bye! See you next year....!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

January 15, 2020, Membership Meeting and Lunch

The meeting followed by lunch was hosted by the McGilvray family,
in memory of Catherine, 1975-2018, PAA president in 1994

checking in with Dallas are: BJ; Norma; June;
June; Karen; Gerry; Nancy; Kathy

Guest Speaker: Florette K Hazard, MD

Florette K Hazard, MD; Jeanne Berube, Director Aux Relations

Sarah, PAA Special Projects 2020

Former, and present, PAA Presidents:
Luisa 2011-13; Karen 1995-96; BJ 1971; Ellen 1993; Carolyn 2001; Sarah 2014,'17; Marah 1975; Marilyn 2018, '19+

a new event: a poker tournament

Jeanne Berube with news for all auxiliaries

Marlene, who started PAA's
Restaurant with Heart

Gerry with news about Books and Bears

Board Members for 2020:
Susan K; June S; Sarah B; Marilyn A
 If you attended, I hope we caught you in one of the photos; if you did not attend, it'll give you a taste  of what you have missed.
Please, come to the next meeting, in April, which Marilyn will announce in her next blog.