Wednesday, January 22, 2020

January 15, 2020, Membership Meeting and Lunch

The meeting followed by lunch was hosted by the McGilvray family,
in memory of Catherine, 1975-2018, PAA president in 1994

checking in with Dallas are: BJ; Norma; June;
June; Karen; Gerry; Nancy; Kathy

Guest Speaker: Florette K Hazard, MD

Florette K Hazard, MD; Jeanne Berube, Director Aux Relations

Sarah, PAA Special Projects 2020

Former, and present, PAA Presidents:
Luisa 2011-13; Karen 1995-96; BJ 1971; Ellen 1993; Carolyn 2001; Sarah 2014,'17; Marah 1975; Marilyn 2018, '19+

a new event: a poker tournament

Jeanne Berube with news for all auxiliaries

Marlene, who started PAA's
Restaurant with Heart

Gerry with news about Books and Bears

Board Members for 2020:
Susan K; June S; Sarah B; Marilyn A
 If you attended, I hope we caught you in one of the photos; if you did not attend, it'll give you a taste  of what you have missed.
Please, come to the next meeting, in April, which Marilyn will announce in her next blog.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Nutcracker Tea, Nov 24, 2019


        Enclosed are some photographs to show what is involved on the evening before the event:
                                    setting up in the AAG's Sunset Room on Saturday

Glasses, cups & plate, tea pots....

An almost empty room....

Plastic bags full of teddy bears; boxes with wreaths; giraffe for raffle;...

Family help is ALWAYS appreciated!!!

Who's hiding in a box? One of many teddy bears.....

One raffle price for Adults; One raffle price for Children...

Looking festive already....

....Family Help is the key for a successful event!!!

The Big Day: Sunday, Nov 24

Merchants set up in the Dining Room at AAG

SF Auxiliary member selling beauty items

PAA President, Marilyn, with helpers in kitchen

The conference room is used for staging....

Carol Singers

Last chance for raffle.....

Good looking crew!

Happy kids with their new friends...

"Santa's Helpers"

The MAIN EVENT drew lots of applause...

...and so did the food and drinks!

Wonderful colors on a Persimmon tree, 

 ..and a decorated Christmas Tree

Auxiliary member with her grandchildren...
Seen on the way out...a lonely Camellia flower

                               Members, look out for January Meeting and Lunch information,
                                        and also for the Springtime Fashion Show & Tea.