Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Restaurants with Heart" events in 2015/2016....have you attended yet?

       Gerry N (Books & Bears) and husband......                                      click to enlarge photos
Restaurant with Heart chairperson, Marlene Bollhoffer, with DIVINO's owner

Elizabeth M always brings a group of friends
Marlene greets long-time member, Margaret S

Among the diners: Karen (RwH) and Bob S (PAAwebmaster)
Seen at first-time venue P.F.Chang's, Marlene with Elizabeth M

June S (PAA treasurer) and Ginny W (RwH, below) with husbands & friends at SAKURA

Hostess Marlene B and Carolyn K admiring the 'volcano' at SAKURA

Ginny W and Carol R with friends having lunch at DIVINO'S

Marzette W (membership) and Luisa Pliska (chair Packard Pantry; PAA president 2011-13) at KABUL
Stephanie B (VP PAA) and husband at SULTANA'S

Kay W and husband with Marlene

Karen S (RwH), Bob S (PAAwebmaster) & Roger P at DIVINO'S

Gerri N (Books & Bears), Louise S (Hearts & Hands) with husbands & friends

Carol Roland (Treasurer 2016) with friend

Audrey P with friend 

At our newest 'Restaurant with Heart' event: GALATA BISTRO, Menlo Park,
 PAA President Nancy Larsson with husband, Peter.

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