Friday, November 21, 2014

American Girl Tea and Fashion Show, Nov 2014

Getting ready for another big fundraiser, our "American Girl 2014" weekend.....
Here are Mae S. and Mary Anne Y. unpacking gifts for each attendee
"Dance, Ballerina, dance"....
A large church hall needs to be transformed into a cozy Tea Room for up to 300 guests coming to watch a fashion show
The theme for 2014
Sarah Beetem, PAA co-president, taking a break with her husband, one of our steady supporters

Two "decorators" Nancy B. and Mary K., enjoying a comical moment

It's starting to look more inviting...
JoAnn P., Carol R. and Marzette W. always ready to work!

View from the kitchen: The hall is almost ready.....

Quick chat before leaving: Mary Ann Y.; Nancy Larsson, PAA co-president; Ginny W. & Carol R.

Ready to get the tea poured: Karen S. and Mary H.

All is ready in the Hall.....


Selling American Girl items....

Cathy M. with her "volunteer staff"                                                                                                                            
Luisa P. "Cook Books" & Gerry N. "Bear Grams"

The Squellatis "in charge of Event Tickets"

Raffle Items

3 moms whose girls were also volunteering during the event

Evelyn L., Mae S. and Mary H.

WELL DONE....Everyone.
Again it was a wonderful and successful event.
There still is hard work ahead: but taking down is quicker than setting up!! Shortly the church hall will look the way we took it over on Friday afternoon.
  Good Bye, Balloons....Good Bye, Kitchen.....Good Bye, to our members and their faithful husbands.
                                           Until the next big event in November 2015.

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