Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 2014 Membership Meeting

A very interesting and informative talk was given by Grace Gengoux, PhD, BCBA, Assistant Professor with the Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinic at LPCH.

We hope that all of you who missed this meeting can get some idea from these slides with information and telephone numbers for your family and/or friends. Grace stressed not to hesitate to use those, or even call her.

There was just too much information given to put into this social communication, so please,
use numbers, websites, and check out the highly praised books shown below.

Above: Co-President Sarah Beetem is thanking her niece, Grace Gengoux, for her inspiring talk followed by a busy question/answering time.

Treasurer June Schiller is pointing out figures which for only four completed months look promising.

One of the major fundraisers is headed by Marlene Bollhoffer who is telling us that "Iron Gate" in Belmont is the May "Restaurant with Heart" venue - while "Sultana" in Menlo Park is
replacing a restaurant in June which closed.

PAA Members on their way home.....
  Karen Sutherland, President 1995/96; Nancy Larsson, Co-President 2014; Mary Koeppen, Dues    Chair, holding her raffle price; and Luisa Pliska, President 2011-13
       Along with Karen S. are Erika Crowley, new & former member Carol Roland, and Sue Pettegrew

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