Saturday, November 3, 2018

Membership Meeting and Tea, October 2018

Once again the Membership met for the October Meeting and Tea to honor years of service to PAA/LPCH
from left: Sarah; Ellen, hostess; Ginny; Gerry; Susan; Karen.

What a lovely setting for an early afternoon meeting

Sun or shade you have a choice......

Again husbands came to help! Many Thanks!

Signing in....

Nancy; MaryAnne; June; Joanne; Susan; Dallas

Flyers for the November meeting

A great turnout.....

Checking facts about last month's event at Restaurants with Heart;
Discussing new goals like the December event, 'Nutcracker Tea' to be held at AAG

Monday, September 10, 2018

Third Annual Garden Party & Fundraiser

Welcoming check-in by PAA members, Ellen and Dallas 

What would PAA do without the help of loyal family members....?

Bartenders were kept busy 

Yes, sign often......

...for a wonderful selection....

...of Silent Auction Items....

One of these may be yours at the end of the afternoon....

Everyone had a good time in this glorious garden
Carolee and husband

Carolyn; hostess: Nancy; Joan

Talking, drinking, signing your name....all good for PAA

And - the food was DELICIOUS!!

Visiting with friends...

Marilyn Anderson, the CHEF, checking on details...

The "Jewelry" table

Well, ready for golf?

The "Events" table with a terrific selection

Checking if someone has overbid......

The putting green

Dr Rohit K Khosla, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery &
Reconstructive Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine,
awaiting his turn to speak

Attentive audience

Dr Khosla speaking.....
Norma; Joan; Carolyn; Angie; Sue; Nancy 

Some wonderful Auction Items were on this list!
May this 3rd event be one of many more.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Another Year, Another Meeting.
We close out 2017 and start 2018!
Sarah Beetem, PAA President recapping 2017 happenings
Parliamentarian Nancy Larsson speaking of projects "in the works"

Outgoing President Sarah being presented flowers by President Pro-tem, Marilyn Anderson

Marilyn speaking of her plans for PAA and 2018

LOOK at those numbers, it was a good year after all!

Brian Perrone, SR VP for Development & Administration LPF for Children's Health, receiving PAA's 2017 donation

Debbie Burkholder, Director, Auxiliaries Relations

Guest Speaker, Shawna Montoya, mother of LPCH patient

Norma; Nancy; Adrienne; KarenS; Marilyn; Carol; Carolee; Ann

Dallas; Jane; Marzette; Susan; guest; Marlene; Nancy; Mary

Guest; Ginny; Beverly

Samira; Mae; Jo Ann; Patricia; Betty; June

Carolyn; Sue; Rita; Betty; Marty

Marilyn; Sarah; guest Shawna; Melissa, KathyS; Debbie Burkholder

Stephanie; Malissa Magallanez, Aux.Rel.Assoc; Cathy; guest; Nancy; Gerry

Ginny; Rosamond; KarenS; Erika; Catherine; NancyS; BJ; Ellen

Former PAA Presidents: Nancy; Rosamond; Catherine; Marzette; BJ; Carolyn; Sarah

2018 PAA Board: Marilyn; CathyM; NancyL; KathyS; NancyC; missing: Mary Anne & Melissa

Annual Meeting for 2017 is over....

...Time to say Good Bye!.. 
...But as always, it is hard to leave! So many news since we last met....

See Sarah's Blog for details of this meeting, and Members' changes in status, address, and/or phone numbers.