Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Restaurant with Heart (lunch only)
 BLUE GARDEN CAFE @ the Allied Arts Guild
Monday and Tuesday, July 24 and 25, 2017

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There was a line, just like in the "old days" when PAA served meals

Karen & Sarah, hostesses; Mary Anne & Ellen in line

Jo Ann & Betty
Catherine, June & BJ

Ginny & friends

Mary Anne, Mae & Samira, Nancy L

Ellen with friends

Sarah and Karen

Betty, June & Jo Ann

Nancy C (on right) & friend

And now some familiar sights...

I hope you have enjoyed the views of the Allied Arts Guild; the gardens are as lovely as we remember them.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon, January 18, 2017

Members were greeted by Marilyn; Mary; Marzette; Melissa; and Cathy
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Brittany; Kimbra; Melissa; Malissa Magallanez; Remee; Flora; Marilyn

Past Presidents:
Karen S; Nancy L; Rosamond M; Sarah B; Marzette W; Ruth W; Catherine M;
Carolyn K; BJ S; Barbara C; missing Luisa P.

Present Board:
Sarah B; Ginny W; Melissa K; Kathy S; Mary Anne Y; Marilyn A; Nancy L; Cathy M.

Carol R; Sarah B; Dallas M; Mary Anne Y; Nancy L; Cathy M.

Barbara; Pat; Betty; Jo Ann

Luisa; Norma; Mary; Jane; Marty; Dallas; Carol
Carol; Bonnie; Mae; Mary Anne; Debbie Burkholder, Director Auxiliaries Relations; Adrienne
sitting: Carolyn; Samira; Karen

Marilyn; Ann; Susan; Nancy; Carolee

Cathy; Audrey; Flora; Gerry

Nancy Larsson, PAA Parliamentarian, with Malissa Magallanez, Auxiliaries Relations Associate

Mary; Marzette; Jane; Ginny; Carol; Mary; Marty; Dallas 

June; Marlene; Luisa; Pat; Audrey; Betty; Jo Ann

Stephanie; Rita; Kay; Ruth & Crystal

Speaker for LPCH

Brian Perrone, Sr VP for Development and Administration, LPFoundation CH

Guest Speaker: NICU Mother Brittany Lothe talking about the birth and care of her preterm baby
Rosamond; BJ; Barbara; Ellen; Catherine; Karen; Nancy 

Cathy; Catherine; Anne Henderson, President Association of Auxiliaries; Kathy; Nancy

PAA President, Sarah Beetem; Director Auxiliaries Relations, Debbie Burkholder;
and PAA Parliamentarian, Nancy Larsson