Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tea & Fashion Show, March 4, 2018, a new event

AAG, 75 Arbor Rd, Menlo Park,
a very familiar place for longtime PAA members who volunteered there for years.
(remember to click on photos to enlarge)

Here we are, the event will be held in the SUNSET ROOM
NCL volunteers are once more helping PAA members 
A long SPONSOR list 

.....In the Kitchen, too????....

And also in the models' dressing room....with clothes arriving..

...and models getting ready....

...even the smallest ones!
Young models and their mothers preparing for showtime

Walking through the AAG restaurant where....

...the vendors/sponsors have their wares for sale.....

There was a lovely variety of merchandise.....

.....to purchase or just to check out

Delicious &

Let the show begin....

Granddads in the audience....

Dads joining daughters in the show.....

Dads and Granddads helping out.....
The models for "young women's fashions"are being cheered...

The first show is over: Now, clean the tables, and reset for the next one!

Take a quick walk through....

...the garden....

..to refresh ones spirit.

Spring has not quite sprung...
Models: Get ready for Round 2!!

It was worth the effort!

A very good turnout, a full house!

Three generations of loyal PAAs!

Sorting through and out - is hard work!

And taking down often harder than putting up......
It's been a long but successful day. Good Bye!

Be sure to think of our sponsors who gracefully supplied items for the show, door prizes for the guests, wonderful raffle prizes, and attended the trunk sale,
the next time you go shopping.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Another Year, Another Meeting.
We close out 2017 and start 2018!
Sarah Beetem, PAA President recapping 2017 happenings
Parliamentarian Nancy Larsson speaking of projects "in the works"

Outgoing President Sarah being presented flowers by President Pro-tem, Marilyn Anderson

Marilyn speaking of her plans for PAA and 2018

LOOK at those numbers, it was a good year after all!

Brian Perrone, SR VP for Development & Administration LPF for Children's Health, receiving PAA's 2017 donation

Debbie Burkholder, Director, Auxiliaries Relations

Guest Speaker, Shawna Montoya, mother of LPCH patient

Norma; Nancy; Adrienne; KarenS; Marilyn; Carol; Carolee; Ann

Dallas; Jane; Marzette; Susan; guest; Marlene; Nancy; Mary

Guest; Ginny; Beverly

Samira; Mae; Jo Ann; Patricia; Betty; June

Carolyn; Sue; Rita; Betty; Marty

Marilyn; Sarah; guest Shawna; Melissa, KathyS; Debbie Burkholder

Stephanie; Malissa Magallanez, Aux.Rel.Assoc; Cathy; guest; Nancy; Gerry

Ginny; Rosamond; KarenS; Erika; Catherine; NancyS; BJ; Ellen

Former PAA Presidents: Nancy; Rosamond; Catherine; Marzette; BJ; Carolyn; Sarah

2018 PAA Board: Marilyn; CathyM; NancyL; KathyS; NancyC; missing: Mary Anne & Melissa

Annual Meeting for 2017 is over....

...Time to say Good Bye!.. 
...But as always, it is hard to leave! So many news since we last met....

See Sarah's Blog for details of this meeting, and Members' changes in status, address, and/or phone numbers.